Where can I purchase BNE LPG?

Currently, BNE LPG is sold at our depots in Burrell Boom (CDS Gas), San Ignacio (Sirrom Gas), Benque Viejo Del Carmen (Benque Gas) and in Belmopan at Commodities Store Energy!
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Why can't I purchase BNE LPG in my area?

With the current volume of gas extracted from the Spanish Lookout Oil Field, we can only supply a portion of the Belizean LPG market.

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What is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is what we refer to locally as "butane." LPG is a combination of butane and propane, and the proportion of each gas in the mix varies by producer. It is important to be aware of this because the composition of the LPG (that is, how much of each gas is in the mix), affects the quality of the product.

For example, high quality LPG has more butane in it, so it burns hotter, lasts longer and decreases tank pressure. On the other hand, LPG that has more propane is not fuel efficient for cooking.

Belize Natural Energy's LPG is a rich gas that burns very hot and is safe to store and handle.

Why is LPG sold per pound instead of by gallon?

It is the law. All LPG Depots must sell by pound, and should have their scales inspected and certified by the Bureau of standards. Certified scales are marked with a sticker, indicating that the scale has been checked and certified as accurate. See Belize Bureau of Standards website for more information.

How is the gas composition of BNE's LPG assured?

BNE LPG is produced by processing the associated gas (extracted along with the crude oil) from the Spanish Lookout Field. BNE's Gas Recovery and Processing Plant is closely monitored by our engineers, who closely control the composition of the final product.

Why does LPG have that peculiar smell?

The smell is actually an artificial odor added to the LPG called ethyl mercaptan. It is added as a safety measure to detect leaking because LPG is colorless and has no smell.

How can I make my gas last longer (conserve)?

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